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David J. Kelly

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 Harris House • The Pinnacles • Harlow • Essex • CM19 5AN

07534 900467

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Online Counselling

How much does it cost ?

Online sessions cost the same as face-to-face sessions, Currently Individual Counselling costs £50 per 50 minute session.  Couples Counselling costs £80 per one hour session.  Please see the Individual Counselling page or Couples Counselling page for more specific details.

How many sessions do I need ?

Each person will require a different number of sessions. It all depends on the presenting issues you have and how they affect you. It is different for every person. Deep-rooted problems may require weekly sessions for many months, while some other problems can be addressed much more quickly. My minimum contract period for individual counselling is 8 sessions - (couples are in blocks of 6 weekly sessions)

To discuss further please call the telephone number above.  

My answer-phone is secure and confidential.

How do I know if online counselling is right for me ?

Online sessions are really useful for those who cannot get to my office regularly for some reason.  For example, you may be many miles away in any part of the UK, making online the right choice for you.

Online counselling works well for individuals and couples. I use Skype as it is easy, private and secure.

How often and where ?

Like face-to-face sessions, Skype sessions are weekly, normally at a regular day/time. Please ensure before a Skype call that you have privacy. If necessary arrange with other household members to have the room to yourself.

Please see the Individual Counselling or Couples Counselling pages for more specific details.

(Using Skype)