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David J. Kelly

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 Moot House • The Stow • Harlow • Essex • CM20 3AG

07534 900467

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On- Line Counselling

How much does it cost ?

Skype sessions cost the same as face-to-face sessions, currently £45     All sessions last for 50mins.

How many sessions do I need ?

Each person will require a different number of sessions. It all depends on the presenting issues you have and how they affect you. It is different for every person. Deep-rooted problems may require weekly sessions for many months, while some other problems can be addressed much more quickly. My minimum contract period for individual counselling is 8 sessions.

Practical (Technical) Information

You will need to have a Skype account.  Skype can be downloaded free for Windows, Mac or Mobile devices.  You will need a stable Internet connection or good 3G or 4G mobile signal or Wi-Fi.   You will need a computer, laptop or mobile device with a camera and microphone.      It is really easy to use.

To discuss further please call the telephone number above.  

My answer-phone is secure and confidential.

How do I know if On-line Skype counselling is right for me ?

Skype sessions are really useful for those who cannot get to my office regularly for some reason, or if mobility is a problem.  Also if you are self isolating or in some way particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, Skype may be the right choice for you.

I offer an Initial Assessment Skype Consultation at £45, where we can discuss if on-line counselling is appropriate for your needs, with no obligation on either side.

How often and where ?

Like face-to-face sessions, Skype sessions are weekly, normally at a regular day/time. Please ensure before a Skype call that you have privacy. If necessary arrange with other household members to have the room to yourself.