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David J. Kelly

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 Harris House • The Pinnacles • Harlow • Essex • CM19 5AN

07534 900467

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About  Counselling

Counselling sessions are an opportunity for you to explore things in depth together.  

Perhaps there are repeated patterns of behaviour or difficult feelings.  Perhaps you don’t even know what your feelings are. Perhaps there are difficulties with relationships or past events in your life. Whatever the reason or issue, the aim of counselling is to enable clients to gain an awareness of what is happening for them......  what might be holding them back, or getting in the way of resolving problems and making choices to allow change in their lives.

Being trained and qualified as an integrative counsellor means that my training included various established and effective methods of counselling and psychotherapy.


All clients are different and come with their own history and unique set of specific issues and concerns. Integrative therapy training allows me to use different techniques and ways of working with clients that are best suited to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Why choose a BACP Accredited counsellor ?

….BACP Accreditation is a quality standard for experienced practitioners who can demonstrate their capacity for independent, competent and ethical practice. It shows that the BACP has assessed their practice as exceeding the minimum quality standards required for just registration.  Accreditation involves a detailed application and assessment process that takes several months to complete and is renewed yearly..…

What do I do now?

If you would like to book an initial session please phone me on the number above. You may often get my answer-phone, but please do leave your name and contact number and I will reply to your message.  My answer-phone is secure and confidential.

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